Saturday, January 17, 2009


Four of the

most powerful words

in the English language


“on a daily basis.

When you can say,

“I’m doing it

on a daily basis.”

Your “it” is

bound to be successful.

Whether your “it” is

dieting or studying or

working out or reading

or anything.

Anyone can do it

once or

once in a while

The test is:

Can you keep on doing it

on a daily basis?

It’s been said that

it takes 21-28 days

to form a habit.

Once you do something

on a daily basis

for over three weeks --

it’s a habit!

Whatever you do today,

you’ll do more of tomorrow.

Habits start out

as thin, weak threads

and end up as

thick, strong cables.

Aristotle said,

“We are what we

repeatedly do.”

So today, start doing it . . .

on a daily basis.

rob gilbert


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