Sunday, January 11, 2009


Too often we are scared.

Scared of what we might

not be able to do.

Scared of what people might

think if we tried.

We let our fears stand

in the way of our hopes.

We say “no” when

we want to say “yes.”

We sit quietly

when we want to scream.

And we shout

with the others,

when we should keep

our mouths shut.


After all,

we do only go around once.

There’s really no time

to be afraid.

So stop.

Try something

you’ve never tried.

Risk it.

Enter a triathlon.

Write a letter

to the editor.

Demand a raise.

Call winners

at the toughest court.

Throw away your television.

Bicycle across the U.S.

Try bobsledding.

Try anything.

Speak out against

the designated hitter.

Travel to a county

where you don’t

speak the language.

Patent something.

Call her.

You have nothing to lose

and everything


everything to gain.


Barry Sanders

pro football player (retired)

in an ad for Nike