Sunday, February 22, 2009


What do you want

alibis or accomplishment?

Do you want reasons of results?

The answer comes from

Walter Chrysler...

“The real secret of success

is enthusiasm.

Yes, more than enthusiasm,

I would say excitement.

I like to see

people get excited.

When they get excited,

they make a

success of their lives.

You can do anything

if you have enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is

the sparkle in your eye,

it is the swing in your gait,

the grip of your hand,

the irresistible surge

of your will,

and your energy

to execute your ideas.

Enthusiasts are fighters.

They have fortitude,

they have staying qualities.

Enthusiasm is at

the bottom of all progress.

With it, there is accomplishment.

Without it, there are only alibis.”

walter chrysler (1875-1940)

Founder, Chrysler Corporation