Sunday, February 8, 2009


Want to become
an instant media superstar?
Hit a dramatic home run
in the World Series or
score the winning touchdown
in the Super Bowl.
Airplane pilots usually don’t reach
this celebrity status...
until January 2009
when Captain Chesley Sullenberger
heroically landed a disabled jet
in the Hudson River.
After all the passengers and crew
left the plane,
Sully inspected the plane twice
to make sure no one was left behind.
Then he retrieved his flight log book.
He was the last one
off the plane and
the last one onto the life raft.
He forgot only one thing:
his library book.
He had others things on his mind.
Then came the instant celebrity -
“Sixty Minutes,” “David Letterman,”
“Good Morning America,” etc....
Amazingly, in the midst of
this sudden stardom,
Captain Sullenberger
somehow found the time
to call the Danville Public Library
to inform them that
he lost one of their books.
True story.
Look at Captain Sullenberger’s
responsibility and attention to detail.
With all that was going on in his life,
he still took care of a library book.
That’s a little thing.
But, this same responsibility and attention to detail
helped him to take care of 154 people.
That’s a big thing.

Rob Gilbert, Ph.D.
Success Hotline
(973) 743-4690