Sunday, February 15, 2009


Thomas Huxley said,

“The great end of life

is not knowledge but action.”

The greatest sin

against success

is in not doing wrong;

it’s in doing nothing!

There is a

powerful tendency

to procrastinate,

to forget,

to lose interest,

to get lazy,

to get discouraged,

to get rusty.

There are often

side interests

which slow us down

or get us off the track.

With inactivity,

we soon

lose confidence

in our ability.

We either

lie down,

sit down,

or fall down

on the job.

A little emotion

injected into

the heart and mind

of men is a great motivator.

A soldier might prepare

himself for battle

by reading war stories

and thinking thoughts

of heroism and patriotism.

Remember this:

Ideas carry moods.

We can change our mood

by changing our

ideas and imagination.

Gather motivational material

that will give you

great thoughts and great ideas

and teach you how

to motivate yourself.

David Cooper

Sales Trainer