Saturday, March 14, 2009


When I started college,

I wanted to be a doctor.

I was a pre-med major.

One of that major’s

hardest courses was

organic chemistry.

To get into medical school,

you had to get an

“A” or a “B” in it.

I took organic

Mondays, Wednesdays,

and Fridays at 9:05 am

with Dr. McWhorter.

Great professor. Tough course.

Dr. McWhorter also taught

another section at 10:10 am.

I had brilliant idea --

I’d go to both sections!

I’d learn more, I’d do better,

and I’d get a higher grade!

Did my idea work?


I did horribly.

I failed the course.


Even though I attended

every lecture twice,

I didn’t pay attention

to either one.

My attendance was great.

My paying attention was awful.

I was over-showing up,

but I was under-paying attention.

And that equaled an “F.”

Don’t make my mistake:

Show up and pay attention.

Then when you take

organic chemistry,

you’ll do well enough

to get into medical school.

By the way,

I didn’t.

Rob Gilbert


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(973) 743-4690