Saturday, September 13, 2008


Nathan Pritikin (1915-1985) was one of the world’s leading pioneers in the area of longevity.

He believed the keys to a long, healthy life were to be found in nutrition and exercise.

Here are some of Pritikin’s beliefs about exercise . . .

1. Exercise must have top priority, one that supersedes everything except your spouse, your children, and the food you eat.

2. The excuse of not being able to find the time to exercise is a cop-out. We find the time to sleep because it is mandatory. So is exercise.

3. If you don’t owe exercise to yourself, you owe it to the people who love you – your family and friends.

4. It is unfair to think of exercise as taking extra time. It simply doesn’t. With the new energy you’ve got, you’re probably sleeping an hour less per night. Your exercise does not eat into your working, playing, or leisure at all.

5. Schedule your exercise the day before and then fit your work schedule around it.